About Us

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How We Started

Gym owner and head coach Kevin McClean was working in London when he discovered his love for CrossFit. Kevin trained at a CrossFit box in Watford and the wonderful sport has had a snowball effect on his life since then.

After falling in love with CrossFit, Kevin was competing in competitions and registering himself to take part in the CrossFit Opens finshing 239th out of 1600 Irish athletes in 2018.

Kevin began planning opening his own CrossFit Gym back at home in Buncrana, and on September the 1st after many months of hard work, he officially opened his own box CrossFit JDV.

JDV stands for Joie De Vivre, which is French for "The Joy of Living", a phrase Kevin heard in a song by one of his favourite music artists Foy Vance. The phrase stuck with Kevin and he often referred to CrossFit as his Joie De Vivre, or Joy of Living and so came the inspiration for his own gyms name.

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CrossFit is for everyone

Some people are led to believe CrossFit is only for advanced athletes. This is not the case. CrossFit is for absolute beginners aswell!

Every workout in CrossFit is scalable to suit your abilities. At JDV we have taken CrossFit to a complete beginner location and so everyone has to start somewhere.

Great Community Environment

Here at CrossFit JDV we have a great community spirit, all our members get along whether they have been here from the first day we opened or whether they just signed up last week.

Flexibile Class Schedule

If you want to train early in the morning before the sun even rises, if you like to train in the evening time after work, or if you want to train in the middle of the day on your own, we have something for everyone.

Here For You

As the majority of our members are all completely new to CrossFit, we ensure as coaches that we are always here for you and helping you on your journey from being a complete beginner, to a more advanced trainer, ensuring you are taught all the essentials of each and everymovement or exercise in the gym.

Where Everyone Is Welcome